Kidney Donor Needed To Change A Life


Every now and then we step back from the trashy stories we call “News” to deliver a more meaningful story. We are writing this article in hopes that we can find a Kidney Donor for Isaiah. Isaiah is just one of many who waits on the ever growing line of people waiting for a Kidney so that he can return to semi-normal health.

Like many, Isaiah has to undergo dialysis weekly to remove the toxins that would normally be taken care of by his kidneys. Anyone who has been through dialysis knows it’s a b*tch and leaves you feeling like sh*t.

Throughout his life, Isaiah has always helped out anyone he has come across and has been a really close person to us. Despite his condition, Isaiah remains in high spirits and is always the first person to give the shirt off of his back if it meant someone else’s happiness.

Isaiah lives in New York and his blood type is A+ so any A+ or O “New Yorkers” who can donate would be amazing but if you are a little further away, we will do everything we can to make sure your trip is smooth.

We hope that there is at least one person out there that can help change not only Isaiah’s life, but his entire family’s.

What makes a perfect Kidney Donor?

Thanks To Livestrong For Donor Requirements
General Requirements
The University of California San Francisco Medical Center requires donors to be between the ages of 18 and 65. Donors must be reasonably fit nonsmokers. Transplant centers often reject overweight volunteers until they lose weight. Donors need not be related to the recipient. Surgeons perform thousands of transplants every year between nonrelatives.

Blood Type
An ideal donor has either the same blood type as the recipient or has type O blood, which is safe for any recipient. The Rh factor does not matter. Rh factors are immunological markers found in blood that are characterized as positive or negative. For example, a type A negative donor can give a kidney to an type A positive recipient.
In some situations, a kidney donor may be willing to donate to a particular person, such as a friend or relative, but cannot do so because he is a poor match. In these cases, donors should explore paired donation. Through paired donation, a poorly matched donor can donate to a more suitable recipient, and in exchange, his friend or relative receives a kidney from a different donor, one who is also poorly matched to a particular candidate.

Tissue Matching
A prospective donor should also have a close tissue match with the recipient. Doctors base this match on six different histocompatibility antigens, immune response markers that characterize the tissue. Doctors determine histocompatibility antigens of prospective donors using a simple blood test. Perfect matching is not required, but some matches are better than others. If a prospective donor is excluded because of an unsuitable tissue match, paired donation is, again, a possible option.

Physical Examination
Donors should be free from medical issues that are risks for donation and transplantation. For example, a common medical exclusion for a donor is hypertension. Doctors also evaluate possible cardiovascular and kidney problems because these would exclude someone from donating, as would a prior history of some cancers. Other exclusions include diabetes, intravenous drug use, and certain infectious diseases—hepatitis, for example. Donors who are excluded for medical reasons can often be reevaluated once the condition has resolved.

Psychological Evaluation
Prospective donors also undergo psychological evaluations to confirm that they are free from any mental health issues that would make the procedure risky. For example, donors who are mentally unstable are not good candidates because they may be unable to care for themselves properly after surgery. Physicians also make an effort to select donors who would not be psychologically harmed if a recipient ultimately lost the donated kidney.

We ask if anyone is willing to donate a kidney, please contact us so that we may arrange flights (if not in the New York area), hotel stay etc. If you cannot donate we ask that you at least “Like” and share this article with everyone you know so that if someone can donate, they will have the information.

We thank all of you for always being loyal visitors to this site and extend our hand if any one of you need help. Thanks.

If you know someone or are someone that can donate please contact us @

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