Breaking News: Kansas City Chiefs LB – Jovan Belcher Kills Himself and GF

Kansas City Chiefs Linebacker – Jovan Belcher has reportedly killed his girlfriend – Kasandra Perkins by shooting her then killed himself.

All that is known at this time is the two were arguing earlier this morning. Friends and family have no idea why this would happen as they did not see any warning signs.

It is reported that Jovan Belcher shot his GF multiple times then drove to the stadium where team personnel, GM Scott Pioli and head coach Romeo Crennel had confronted him and tried to keep him from doing any further harm.

Before police were able to arrive, they all heard a gun shot then discovered Jovan Belcher committed suicide by shooting himself in the head.

Belcher and his GF had just given birth to a child 3 months earlier.

Story developing…

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