“Jihadi John” identified as Kuwaiti-born Briton Mohammed Emwazi

Jihadi John identified as Mohammed Emwazi

Authorities have identified “Jihadi John,” the man seen in these ISIS videos beheading hostages as Mohammed Emwazi.

Mohammed Emwazi is a Kuwaiti-born British national from a wealthy family in London. Emwazi grew up in West London and graduated from college with a degree in computer programming.

Emwazi came to Britain as a child and was a member of a wealthy family living in West London before friends told the Post he was radicalized after a planned safari trip in Tanzania in 2009.

According to the BBC, security services have known Emwazi’s identity for quite some time but have not revealed it to the public. Emwazi’s upbringing further solidifies an increasing and disturbing trend to some of those attracted to ISIS.

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