Fight at Baldwin Park Publix Deli Aisle

More information regarding the brawl caught in video at a Baldwin Park Publix grocery store has been released by police.

According to the witness who recorded the incident, Colon was the aggressor from the beginning.

“Well I am on my way home from work minding my own business. I stopped at Publix to pick up some fried chicken for dinner. I park get out of my car and step right in the middle of a 50 year old man verbally assaulting a 9 month pregnant woman and her 16 month old daughter. I immediately go over to calm the woman down and make sure the guy didn’t physically come after her and calm the little baby down. She is holding her stomach and then the guy starts verbally assaulting me. Well anyone who knows me knows I didn’t just stand there and take it! The jerk proceeds into Publix and is three guesses at the deli where my chicken is. Before I know it her husband shows up and all hell breaks loose. Deli counters are moving, glasses flying and curse words worse than a sailor were flying. Police are called, people standing around video taping the fight. All the men are just standing around looking while I am screaming for someone to break it up! So police don’t show and I leave my name with the manager.”

According to police reports, the incident began when a man and a pregnant woman got into an argument in the Publix parking lot. Edwin Colon was attempting to pull his vehicle into a parking space when he says the pregnant woman left her cart in the middle of the parking space he was attempting to park in. Colon asked the woman to move the cart so he could park his vehicle and she grabbed the cart and shook it saying, ‘what do you want me to do with it?'”

The two curse at one another before Colon went inside the store to purchase a sandwich at the deli. Once inside, he was approached by the woman’s husband, who pushed his face into Colon’s face. According to the report, Colon pushed the man out of his way and the man then tried to put Colon into a headlock. “Colon was in fear of being injured and began to fight back,” the report said. A Publix employee eventually separated the men.