Donald Trump Rushed To Safety by Secret Service

Reno, Nevada – Donald Trump is rushed off a stage to safety by U.S. Secret Service agents during a campaign speech after spotting a commotion in the crowd when someone shouted “Gun!”

The man later identified as Austyn Crites, (who some say was a Hilary Clinton plant,) was detained and escorted out by a slew of police officers, Secret Service agents and SWAT armed officers.

After his release, Crites stated the incident began when he raised a “Republicans Against Trump” sign. Crites also stated he was assaulted by a group of people around him before anyone shouted “gun”.

“All of a sudden, because they couldn’t grab the sign, or whatever happened, bam, I get tackled by all these people who were just, like, kicking me and grabbing me in the crotch and just, just beating the crap out of me,” Crites said, according to KTNV. “And somebody yells something about a gun, and so that’s when things really got out of hand.”

No charges were filed against Crites and Trump later returned to the podium to finish his speech.

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