Delta Kicks Man Off Flight For Using Bathroom

Delta Air Lines kicks a man off a flight because he went to the bathroom while waiting for the plane to leave the Atlanta airport.

Kima Hamilton stated that after he was initially told to sit back down, he did. However, he simply could not wait to use the restroom while the plane was waiting to take off for Milwaukee on April 18. ” … it’s at an emergency stage,” Hamilton told WISN.

After using the bathroom, an unidentified Delta employee approached Hamilton and requested he get off the plan to speak with him.

“We weren’t in the process of taking off,” Hamilton told HLN’s Ashleigh Banfield. “I am working through the emotions that come with having this experience, you know. It was outrageous.”
The other passengers were deboarded and reboarded and arrived in Milwaukee an hour and a half late, WISN reported.

Hamilton purchased a ticket with another airline to get home to Milwaukee later that evening and was refunded the cost of his ticket.

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