Delray Beach Police Allow K-9 to Bite Cuffed Man’s Face

A video uploaded to Facebook shows Delray Beach police surrounding a handcuffed man and allowing their K-9 to bite his face outside a South Florida bar.

Nick Palermo was at work when he spotted officers getting out of their vehicles and tackling an “unarmed” man. He states the officers repeadetly beat and kick the man and at one point even though already handcuffed, allow the police dog to bite him in the face causing him to severely bleed.

“I’m usually not the one to post about the police of police brutality, but after what I witness tonight I think this deserve to be shown to people. I was at work when I saw 5 cop cars stop across the street from my job in Del Ray Beach. They all ran out of their cars and I started filming. Now I don’t know why the police were call or what this guy did that made the police go after him but from what I saw he was clearly unarmed, 6 police officers tackled him to the floor and repetitively punched and kicked him, and to make matters worse they did the K-9 unit to come out and after the man in already in handcuffs they let the dog go at it on his face. I just don’t think that after a man is already in handcuffs on the ground that they need a dog to bite him and make him bleed out. After the video stopped the ambulance came and from what I saw the man was not moving and was bleeding out badly. Idk I’ll leave it to you guys to decide if the police were right or not”

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