Terrifying moment Costa Rica tour cruise catamaran capsized and sank

Terrifying moment a Costa Rica tour cruise catamaran capsizes and sinks killing three elderly people is caught on film. Alexis Esneault was on the catamaran carrying 98 passengers and 10 crew members when it sank off Costa Rica’s Pacific Coast in January last year.

Alexis Esneault, then 21, who filmed the terrifying incident on her GoPro said: ‘At first I had no idea it was so serious. As long as we could have our Margaritas, I was fine,’ Ms Esenault, now 23, told The Sun. ‘But then very quickly it became clear that there was a serious problem. People were sliding down the boat and screaming. It happened very quickly.

Three elderly people died in the incident; Briton Ivor Stanley Hopkins, 80, American Edna Oliver, 68, and Canadian Sharon Johnson, 70.

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