Cops Harass Man For Video Taping Them (Video)


I have no general hatred towards Police Officers but I cannot stand PIGS. These pigs here harass and bully a man for simply recording an event. One officer actually assaults the man – Alton Robinson.

Alton Robinson was recording a ‘Black Panther’ party when an officer noticed his camera was pointing towards him. The officer – Sgt. Phillip Dixon, steps out of the unmarked car and approaches Alton.

Why are you recording me, sir? I’m not giving you permission to record me.

Phillip (who also had a camera) told Alton that if he continued to record and place his picture on Facebook that there would be “repercussions”. Officer Dixon is then joined by Officer DeAndre Hyman (who apparently doesn’t know the law) and told Alton “It’s against the law to record without a permit.”

Robinson was issued a summons charging him with unlawful filming and failure to produce Identification. He was arrested after he refused to sign it. The charges were later changed to disorderly conduct.

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