CHILI’S Manager Takes Veterans Meal

Chili’s is fining itself under fire after video shows a white manager taking away a black U.S. Army Veteran’s free meal on Veterans day. U.S. Army veteran Ernest Walker began recording video when the manager at a Chili’s restaurant in Cedar Hill, Texas, questioned his military service and took away his food.

Ernest Walker posted a video to Facebook of the Cedar Hills Chili’s manager identified as Wesley Patrick, taking away his meal at a Chili’s in the Dallas suburb of Cedar Hill. Walker states that the meal was taken away after another patron questioned the uniform Walker was wearing. Walker says the manager took his meal even after he showed him his military ID and discharge papers.

Ernest Walker writes:
“I was approached by an old white guy, maybe in his 70s, with a Trump Shirt, at Chili’s on Veteran’s Day yesterday. He asked if I was in the 24th unit, and I said “no the 25th”. TRICK QUESTION. He said he was in Germany, and that they did not let Blacks serve over there. He left to the back, and came back and rubbed my dog Barack, who is a service dog. I was seated and eating my food. The waitress packed the rest of my food in a to go box because I had to go pick up my wife. I got my food and tipped the waitress. Then the Manager, MR. Wesley Patrick, comes from the same area in the back, walked up, and rudly informs me that a guest said that I was not a real soldier because I had my hat on indoors. Other guests heard him. He asked for my military ID, I was calm, and provided it to him. I also provided him with my DD214 which is my discharge paperwork. At that point he should have just said “I am sorry Sir, thank you for your service’ Instead he followed up with “the guest also said your dog is not a service dog.” Barack had his Red Service Vest on, and his Certified Service Tags. I was sitting for 35 minutes prior with Barack beforehand. At this point I was grossly offended embarrassed dehumanized and started Recording…Mr. Wesley snatched my food away, made body contact”

Brinker International, which owns Chili’s, says they are taking the matter “very seriously.” Walker’s lawyer is set to meet with the company Monday.

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  1. If I were Mr. Walker, an apology would NOT be enough. How dare this Wesley guy question this retired service man???!!! Firing him would not be enough. I bet he has NOT served in any branch of the military. Chili’s, you have lost a customer. I am too disgusted!!!!

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