Aussie Teen Has Arm Torn Apart By Crocodile Trying to Impress Girl

A teen nearly dies after having his arm torn to shreds by an alligator after trying to impress a girl. Lee De Paauw, 18, jumped into the Johnstone River near Innisfail in far-north Queensland, an area known for being infested with crocodiles when one of the killer reptiles grabbed onto him.

Now, why would a young male jump into croc-infested waters? “for that beautiful backpacker”, Sophie Paterson, a tourist from Britain and the fact that he drank “10 cups of goon”. Sophie Patterson arrived in Innisfail to partake in some fruit picking when Lee De Paauw arrived at the hostel. After a few drinks, Lee states: “I started telling about how backpackers are more likely to get eaten by a crocodile than Australians. So, we decided to go down to the river and test the theory,”. Lee jumped into the river and was almost immediately grabbed by the croc and dragged about six metres. Luckily for Lee, the croc let go after he punched the croc in the snout and gouged it in the eye.

Two bones in his left arm were broken in the attack, and he is sporting gouge marks at the top and bottom of the limb. “She didn’t even know I had been attacked at first.” Lee said, “She thought I was pulling her leg until I hopped out of the water with my arm hanging down.” When asked if she was impressed by Lee, Sophie stated: “Risking your life, there is nothing funny about that. I’m not impressed by somebody risking their life.”

Sophie Patterson said she’d try and visit De Paauw — if her schedule allowed however, she has a commitment to a job that she can’t get out of.

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