2 White Georgia High School Students Expelled After Posting Racist Tik Tok Video That Went Viral

CARROLLTON, Ga. (AP) — Two high school students in Georgia have been expelled after posting a racist video on Tik Tok that unfortunately for them, went viral.

Carrollton City Schools Superintendent Dr. Mark Albertus, in a statement Friday, said

“The racist behavior observed in the video easily violates this standard. They are no longer students at Carrollton High School.”

Dr. Mark Albertus

The video on TikTok shows the two stupid ass teenagers using racial slurs and making derogatory remarks about black people such as “Don’t have a dad” and “Go to jail.”

“This incident does not reflect the culture of Carrollton City Schools,” he said. “We are very proud of our diversity and so is our entire community. We don’t need to lose sight of this important attribute because of the actions of a few.”

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