The T.A.P.S. Team Ghost Hunters Are Back To Faking Paranormal Encounters

The Ghost Hunters Grant and the Jason from The are teaming back up after a long hiatus to try and convince the world that ghosts exist.

To me, Ghost Hunters was the first show to bring some semi-believable reasoning to paranormal television shows.

C-creators – Grant Wilson and Jason Hawes, two Roto-Rooter plumbers, would investigate paranormal activity in homes and debunk most of them with their knowledge of home plumbing.

Then, as with all successful “reality television” greed forced them to fabricate episodes and paranormal activity. This of course became their downfall and it all began with the Ghost Hunters 2008 Live Halloween special.

The success of Ghost Hunters spawned many copy-cat shows like Ghost Adventures and many other knock-offs.

Despite the many cringey fails found throughout many of their episodes, the T.A.P.S. team has expanded to several different countries and continues to be the leading paranormal investigating team in the world.

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