Paranormal Investigating

Paranormal Investigating has been a great interest and hobby of mine since my early teens. It wasn’t until my friend and I one day decided to perform an impromptu investigation in his home, that my life was changed forever.

We were not professionals in any means. By that, I mean that we simply went into the house and provoked the spirits into showing themselves for us. There was no respect for the afterlife. When the tape was reviewed the next day, I was astonished to see that we had actually caught some footage that could not be explained or “debunked”. I had took the tape to some Audio/Video analyst that I was working with at the time and they were very impressed and shocked at some of the footage.

I then began to research the art of Paranormal investigating and learned that although I was lucky enough to get some great evidence, my approach was all wrong. I then learned the correct way to conduct an investigation and gained a newfound respect for the after-life and the art of paranormal investigation.

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