Jesus Christ Statue Opens Eyes in Cathedral of Saltillo

Chilling video shows a statue of a crucified Jesus Christ opening its eyes inside of a Mexican Cathedral. Adimensional Paranormal uploaded the video “Santo Cristo abre los Ojos (Video Paranormal)” with the description –
Grabado por una persona en la Capilla de la Catedral de Saltillo en M̩xico, muestra lo que parece ser la imagen de un Cristo que abre los ojos. Which loosely translates to РRecorded by a person in the Chapel of the Cathedral of Saltillo in Mexico , it shows what appears to be the image of a Christ who opens his eyes.

The footage captured at the Chapel of Saltillo in Mexico’s state of Coahuila de Zaragoza shows a statue of Jesus opening its eyes and after a few seconds suddenly closes them. Is the video proof of a miracle, a mere optical illusion or a result of simple digital editing?

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