Fireball UFOs Over Ireland Raise Questions (Video)


A Youtube user by the name – Naktis Ireland, uploaded a video of what they believe to be UFOs flying over Cork, Ireland but the video’s legitimacy is now being questioned.

The video contains no sound and shows what appears to be many fireball-like UFOs appearing from thin air, hovering in the sky and going behind a house.

The following is a statement from Naktis Ireland’s Youtube page:

“Strange fire balls/UFO’s flying in formation in Cork, Ireland. Strange orange spheres flying in formation and leaving a trail of smoke behind them, they appear and later disappear constantly. They fly in formation so they cannot be fireworks nor lanterns. They leave a trail of grey smoke as they move. Currently the only eye witness with video recording. If you have seen anything like this please don’t hesitate to comment.”

Many commenters are claiming the glowing objects are merely flares, balloons or lanterns but no one has yet to prove the video’s authenticity nor disprove it.

The one extremely annoying thing about all this UFO stuff is why can’t they appear in front of someone who has a steady hand? Every person who claims to have evidence has the crappiest looking videos and pics.

Take a look and let us know what you think.

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