Demons Turn Pages of Burned Bible?

Video appears to show either demons or ghosts turning the pages of a burnt bible. Is it spirits from beyond or just a drafty house?

“For two weeks Karissa Fleck has been investigating my house. Verifying claims, debunking hoax claims by others. This week she was joined by fellow investigator Niki Novelle. As the investigaton draws to a close. The last few remaining nights involve Niki and Karissa both tag teaming. The night is late. I’ve gone to bed. The house is there’s to investigate. This video is Karissa leading a EVP session using one of the burnt Bibles ( 3 Bibles caught fire in the house from 2014) Two Bibles are still missing. They are the 1st investigators to ever do an EVP session standing above the actual Bibles. All 3 Bibles have disappeared in one fashion or another. One was taken in 2012 and returned in 2014. What you see and hear is real. first bang at 3:22, “show me how to” at 3:52 Another BANG at 4:00. 4:48 “YES” There is another EVP under Karissa’s voice. Its hard to hear as its under her voice. Feel free to time stamp it when you hear it. I was asleep while both ladies conducted their investigation. Both ladies noticed a change in the environment as the session continued. Noises increased as questions were asked. Was the entity(s) involved using the energy of the house to perform this feat? Thuds and bangs continued soon after. Some coming from Karissa’s room.”

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