Balloon Floats from Child’s Coffin to Grieving Mother

A family mourns the death of a child when something happens that will have you question all you think you know about the after-life.

The footage, filmed in the Philippines shows a grieving Joy Ganda Vibar-Alamares, mourning the loss of her seven year old son Trebby when a baloon mysteriously floats from the dead child’s casket over to the crying mother.

It's been 40 days baby since ng bakasyon mo with papa god, miss na miss kana ni mamy 󾌹 thank u for the hugs and kisses, for the pure sincere genuine LOVE 󾌯 i love you sobra damok mamy, alam mo yan 󾌯󾌹󾍂 #hastalavista#onelastHUG

Posted by Joy Ganda Vibar-Alamares on Sunday, November 1, 2015

TMs Vibar-Alamares believes that the balloons were being moved by the spirit of the deceased seven-year-old, writing on Facebook ‘I would like to believe that this was his last mission’. A second video posted shows another balloon come from a side corridor, and float over to Trebby’s siblings.

Here's another touching footage. With God, everything is possible. What you are about to see can't be explained and only faith can. The little warrior also went up to his siblings. 👼👼👼I would like to believe that this was his last mission, to tell the world of HIS great love. ♥️🙏🏻☝🏻️👼#TrebbyTheWarrior#TrebbyTheMessenger#TrebbyTheSweetAngel

Posted by Kaypee Alamares on Thursday, February 11, 2016

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