Utah Jazz Fan Permanently BANNED After Altercation with Russell Westbrook

The Utah Jazz have officially banned the racist fan from all arena events after the events that transpired with Oklahoma City Thunder Guard Russell Westbrook.

Video captured Russell Westbrook confronting a fan and having some choice words with him. What we did not know was that the fan was hurling racist comments towards Westbrook.

After the game, Westbrook gave an interview describing what had happened. Westbrook stated the man and his wife hurled racist remarks to him during the game. Westbrook also stated there is little to no protection from the NBA regarding player safety.

Reporters also had the audacity to interview the racist fan identified as Shane Keisel who gave a totally different account of the incident.

It was also uncovered that Shane Keisel had attempted to hide or delete racist tweets but failed in doing so exposing him.

It was also uncovered that Keisel is a former police officer and Toyota car salesman.

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