Street Magic:

“Street Magic” it is the form of magic in which I think is the best. This is a “no holds barred” approach to the art. No stages, no smoke and mirrors, Just you and your audience. I believe that street magic has been underrated and needs to be put in the limelight where it belongs. It takes a special kind of performer to be able to connect with an audience up-close.

I have been performing for a little over 10 years and have been renounced as one of the best “non-famous” street magicians. I have always done it for fun and not fame. I care not about making millions. I enjoy what magic brings to someones life. I enjoy knowing that when someone is having a bad day, I can pull out a deck of cards or a cigarette and do amazing things that will make them forget their troubles.
That’s what magic is! It is the ability to make someone forget about reality for just one moment and yet for the rest of their lives. Well, at least to me anyway.

People like David Blaine and Criss Angel, have brought a new respect to the art of street magic. With inspirations from Houdini, Paul Harris and many others they continue to astound many around the world. I am glad that street magic is finally getting a little credibility because of amazing people like this. They have wonderful persona’s and the charm required to bring magic where it needs to be.

I would like to know your stories and views on magic. I have just started this blog but believe… There will be tons of magical content on here very soon. Please participate and begin discussions. Until next time.. Believe.



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