UFC 156 – Jose Aldo VS Frankie Edgar (Full Fight)


Didn’t get a chance to watch UFC 156? Here are the full UFC 156 Fight Videos. They will only be available for a limited amount of time so if you get here late, tough nuggets.

UFC 156 included a massive fight card which included John Fitch VS. Demian Maia, Alistair Overeem VS. Antonio “Big Foot” Silva, Rashad Evans VS. Antonio Rogeiro Nogueira and the main event – Jose Also VS. Frankie Edgar.

When videos are taken down, we will also post the UFC 156 Fight Results.

Watch Jose Aldo VS. Frankie Edgar Full Fight Video: Winner – Jose Aldo – Decision

Watch Rashad Evans VS. Antonio Nogueira Full Fight Video: Winner – Antonio Nogueria – Decision

Watch Alistair Overeem VS. Antonio Silva Full Fight Video: Winner – Antonio Silva – KO 3rd. Round

Watch John Fitch VS. Demian Maia Full Fight Video: Winner – Demian Maia – Decision

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