NY Jets Roasted On Thanksgiving Courtesy Of The New England Patriots (Video)

Last night I tuned into NBC and thought I had stumbled upon an amazing new COMEDY series, turned out to be the NY Jets and Patriots game. The Jets were in a very “Giving” mood this Thanksgiving as they gift wrapped the game to the Patriots.

3 TD’s in 59 seconds – That’s what was on the mind every NY JETS and New England Patriots fan during the early part of the game. That has to be some sort of a record.

Tom Brady Threw for 3 TD’s and even ran 1 TD in. Steve Gregory forced a fumble, intercepted a pass and recovered 2 fumbles, including one for a touchdown.

Many Jets fans are calling for the resignation on Head Coach – Rex Ryan with one fan sign even having the words “Ex Rex” written in it. Rex Ryan did say

We are as wounded as you can possibly be, but we aren’t dead. I promise we’re going to keep coaching and we’re going to keep playing.

At the end of the game, the score read – Patriots – 49, NY JETS – 19.

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