Nike Pulls Kobe Bryant Gear From Stores As They Figure Out How to Profit From The Late NBA Star’s Death

Nike has just pulled ALL Kobe Bryant-related gear from its online store after the tragic death of the NBA legend was confirmed.

Currently the section of the site that had the Kobe Bryant items now points to a selection of generic Nike gear.

If you search for “Kobe Bryant” the site points to Nike’s statement on Bryant’s death.

The company confirmed the decision to pull the items with ESPN’s Nick DePaula as it reevaluates its strategy on how to handle the signature gear of the late basketball great. Part of that strategy is limiting resellers’ ability to stockpile Kobe gear for the secondary market, according to the report.

Many believe the only reason Nike is limiting resellers’ ability to stockpile Kobe gear for the secondary market is so Nike alone can profit from the athlete’s death.

Nike is believed the have pulled the Kobe items so THEY can stockpile the line and sell them for a premium price later on down the line.

Nike’s statement regarding Bryant’s death:

Along with millions of athletes and fans throughout the world, we are devastated by today’s tragic news. We extend our deepest sympathies to those closest to Kobe and Gianna, especially their family and friends.

As we are learning more details of the accident and the others who have tragically lost their lives, our heartfelt sympathies go out to everyone involved and impacted.

Kobe was one of the greatest athletes of his generation and has had an immeasurable impact on the world of sport and the community of basketball. He was a beloved member of the Nike family. We will miss him greatly. Mamba forever.


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