New York Jets In Talks Of Mark Sanchez For Michael Vick Trade


It is being reported that the New York Jets are looking to trade their star QB – Mark Sanchez for Michael Vick after things didn’t pan out with Rex Ryan’s vision.

The Jets coaching staff failed to properly utilize Tim Tebow, an unconventional QB who could usually find a way to win and left Mark Sanchez at the helm whose turnovers and “butt-fumbles” made him and the Jets the laughing stock of the NFL.

Rex Ryan recently benched Mark Sanchez for Greg McElroy. Many are saying too little too late and instead of letting Sanchez finish out the season, they now have two angry QB’s on the team.

Now, the NY Jets wish to revitalize their team with Michael Vick who has also struggled with injuries and inconsistencies. However it is being said that Vick does not want to come to the Jets if Mark Sanchez is still the starting QB but will consider if he will be paid more than Sanchez. Michael Vick also is said to not want to play under Rexy Ryan but Oregon coach Chip Kelly.


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