Brendan Schaub Responds to Ronda Rousey Comments

Last week Brendan Schaub was discussing Ronda Rousey when some things were said that led others to believe he was not happy about their breakup.

Schaub appeared on The Joe Rogan Experience along with Brian Callen and Eddie Bravo. During the show, Ronda Rousey came up several times with Schaub giving respect to her skills as a fighter when according to Schaub, official Kardashian media outlet – TMZ, took things out of context.

At about 1 hour and 43 seconds into the show, Schaub was explaining his side of his and Rousey’s relationship when he mentioned that Rousey needs a man who is willing to take a backseat and he was not that guy. TMZ in typical fashion probably did not listen to the entire show and wrote that he was “bitter” about how things ended.

Schaub then took to Twitter:

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