Military Dad Surprises Daughter At Baseball Game (Tear Jerker)

Military Dad Surprises Daughter At Baseball Game

A moment was caught on film that was so emotional you may just throw up from how beautiful it is. A military father surprised his daughter at a baseball game when was revealed to be the catcher she threw the ball to.

9-year-old Alayna Adams was set to throw out the first pitch at the Tampa Bay Rays-Boston Red Sox game. She had no idea that her father – Lt. Col. Will Adams who had been stationed in Afghanistan for almost two years, arranged the surprise for her.

Alayna threw the ball and it bounced twice before rolling into her father’s glove. When Alayna began to walk away, the announcer said over the speakers –

“Catching today’s ceremonial first pitch, fresh back from Afghanistan, please welcome Lt. Col. Will Adams!”

Lt. Col. Will Adams removes his mask, and daughter Alayna runs towards him with open arms. Get ready to cry like a little b*tch when this Military dad surprises his daughter at a baseball game.

will adams and alayna

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