New York Knicks Owner James Dolan Bans Idiot NBA Fan From MSG After Being Told to Sell Team

New York Knicks Owner James Dolan Bans Fan From MSG After Being Told to Sell Team

After having lost to the Sacramento Kings, New York Knicks owner confronts a fan after he is told to “sell the team!”

In the video, Dolan is seeing making his way into the tunnel when the moronic fan yells out “sell the team!”

James Dolan then approaches the fan and asks “you think I should sell the team? Do you not want to not come to any more games?” The idiot fan then asks why as if he is oblivious to what just happened. Dolan responded with, “that’s rude.” then told the fan, “enjoy watching them on TV.”

Security was then sent to apprehend the fan. Madison Square Garden, and reps for the arena and company said in a statement, “Our policy is and will continue to be that if you are disrespectful to anyone in our venues, we will ask you not to return.”

It is about time people stop taking crap from trolls. If players are expected to be professional then the same has to be demanded from fans. There are too many instances with fans yelling, cussing and touching players with no recourse. Good for you James Dolan, the NBA needs to follow your example.

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