Kansas City Chiefs Safety Penalized for Praying after TD

If you were watching Monday Night Football, you saw the New England Patriots get manhandled by the Kansas City Chiefs. You also saw probably one of the most ridiculous penalties given this year.

Kansas City Chiefs safety Husain Abdullah picked off a pass from Tom Brady and ran it in for a TD. Abdullah proceeded to slide on his knees into the end zoned as he quickly bowed his head in prayer and was immediately penalized 15-yards for unsportsmanlike conduct/excessive celebration.

One may want to take into account that Abdullah is a practicing Muslim who has fasted during Ramadan and even missed the 2012 NFL season so he and his brother, former Broncos/Cardinals safety Hamza, could visit Mecca during the Hajj in October.

The penalty caused an outrage on social media with many pointing out the hypocrisy of the NFL who does not penalize any other player who prays in the end zone. Former NFL ref Mike Pereira stated in a tweet last year that giving a moment of prayer after a touchdown is not a penalty. The Chiefs went on to win over the Patriots 41-14.

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