Dwayne Wade Re-Signs with Miami Heat

Dwayne Wade has resigned with the Miami Heat at a 1-year 20 Million dollar contract.

Wade spoke with Heat CEO Nick Arison and then with managing general partner Micky Arison, and was reminded of what he meant to the team.

“Sitting down with Nick, sitting down with Micky and having conversations with them that I’ve never had, that was big for me,” Wade told The Associated Press. “I’ve never had a business conversation with one of them. … They got to show me how much they really wanted me to be here, how important it was for them that I continue to wear one jersey.” Without those conversations, Wade said, “I don’t think we would be at this point.”

In a Youtube video titled “HEAT NATION: My City, My Home, My House: Till the End…. Est 2003”, D-Wade announces his return to Wade County.

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