Draymond Green Puts Reporter In His Place After Question About The Houston Floods

Following the Warriors’ 121-94 Game 4 win Sunday over the Houston Rockets, a reporter asked Draymond Green about connections between Golden State’s performance and recent flooding in the Houston area. Draymond Green Puts Reporter On His Place after the question regarding the Houston floods.

The Golden State Warriors take a 3-1 lead in their series against the Houston Rockets following a 121-94 victory in Game 4 on Sunday, without Steph Curry after tweaking his knee slipping on the court. Steve Kerr communicated more empathy than hope when asked about his superstar. “Feel bad for Steph, but we gotta move on,” the Warriors’ head coach said.

There will be an MRI on Monday, which could bring a cold clarity to the situation. Early indications point to a knee sprain, possibly an MCL sprain.

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