Dez Bryant Has Sideline Meltdown (Video)

Dallas Cowboys WR – Dez Bryant was caught on camera having a sideline meltdown where he erupted into screaming fits with multiple players on the team including wide receivers coach Derek Dooley, Jason Whitten and QB – Tony Romo. AT one point, Veteran linebacker DeMarcus Ware stepped in and attempted talk some sense into Bryant.

Bryant was immediately criticized by the sports announcers for what they say was a tantrum by a “spoiled child”. However, the Cowboys owner defended Bryant saying he wants that emotion on the field and that’s what helps to turn a team around.

Bryant says you “You have to have that passion to even be in games like this.” The Dallas Cowboys’ lost 31-30 to a last-minute defeat to the Detroit Lions.

[jwplayer mediaid=”27357″]

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