Psychic Touch:

You look like you can tell what a card is just by touching it.

      • Shuffle a pack of cards,and place them face down on the bar.
      • Pick up about 10-15 cards in your right hand so that the back of the cards are facing you, and the front of the cards are facing who ever you are performing the trick for.
      • Now squeeze the cards with the thumb and forefingers of your right hand so that the cards concave.
      • Start rubbing the cards with the fingers of your left hand.
      • As you squeeze the cards you should just be able to glimpse the name of the card in the bottem left corner.
      • Just look at it quickly then look away at the ceiling, pretending you can name the card by rubbing it.
      • After nameing the card, remove it and glimpse the next card,and repeat the actions described above.
      • This is another trick you may want to perform in front of a mirror,just to perfect it.
  • Trick:

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