Performing Magic:

Knowing the “Secret” is only about 10% of  what makes magic what it is. You can know thousands of methods and not be able to adequately perform the “trick”. Today’s audience is not as lay as the audience of yesteryear. They are more wise and keen to the advancements in the art and will not hesitate to exploiting performance. These people are usually referred to as “Hecklers“.

Hecklers are the member/s of the audience who want to ruin the performance. They want to belittle the magician because they themselves have a self-esteem problem. Remember, being a magician, you control the attention of groups of people. Sometimes, someone may feel “left out” and therefore would want to ruin the magic.

You, as a magician need to be prepared for an instance like this. You need to be 10+ steps ahead of the audience at all times. That is why it is crucial that you practice and master your craft to fit any situation that may arise. Now, can you be prepared for everything the first time you decide to perform magic? Of course not. Throughout your continued performances, you will be spotted and heckled and mess up. This is something you have to go through. This is how you refine your art. Do you think Harry Houdini was born the “King of Cards”?

As you go through all the trials and tribulations we all do as magicians, you will see your performance excel. There is no better feeling than having someone say “How’d you do that?!?!” You will leave an imprint on thier life forever.

Here are a few things to remember:

  1. Practice
  2. Never Reveal Your Magic
  3. Make the magic “Yours” (Put your own spin on it)
  4. Have good hygiene (Nothing worse than being next to a smelly magician)
  5. Don’t be afraid
  6. Read the about the History of Magic
  7. Learn Sleight of Hand
  8. Start with Cards

These are just a few tips for novice magicians. In the upcoming blogs, I will go more in depth on the history and performance points. Feel free to post any comments or questions. Thanks for reading!


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