Grammys Screw up Metallica Performance with Lady Gaga

The Grammys royally screw up Metallica’s performance of ‘Moth Into Flame’ with Lady Gaga. Not only did they embarrass themselves by playing a Metallica song (‘Battery’) after Megadeth won the Grammy for best metal performance, but they also ruined one of the probably 3 highlights of the show.

The performance started off hot! Fire erupting from the stage, Metallica thrashing like it was the 80’s and Lady Gaga accompanying James Hetfield on vocals. However, early into the performance, it was apparent that James Hetfield’s mic was either broken or malfunctioning and he could not be heard. Instead of someone coming onto the stage and switching mics, they left it up to the performers to figure it out. Props to Lady Gaga for noticing the problem and rushing over to share a mic.

After the performance, a visibly upset Hetfield, kicked the mic to the floor and threw his guitar off stage. I think it’s safe to say that the Grammys has no place with the genre of Metal.

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