How To: Magically Balance A Soda Can

As promised, this post is to teach you a trick in which you can impress your family and friends. Hopefully, this will encourage you to check out some of the links on this site.

Materials Needed:

A Soda Can that is a little less than Half-Full


Begin by stating to the audience that you are about to demonstrate your ability to manipulate objects.

Grab the Soda Can and begin to tilt it at a 45degree angle.You will feel the can begin to balance. As it does, slowly release your grip and begin to wave your hands around the can showing that there are no strings attached.

You may then grab the can and begin to empty it on the floor to show that there was in fact liquid inside.

  • A flat table surface works best
  • Practice, as the soda can may topple over every now and then
  • experiment with different amounts of liquid in the can until you are comfortable
Post some comments to let me know how you did. Looking forward to hearing from you.


  1. Hey Rosanne,I had forgot to mention that, this is done using American cans. For people living in North America, the standard size of their cans is 12 U.S. fluid ounces or 355 milliliters. I seen that Australian soda cans are expected to hold 12.7 U.S. fluid ounces or 375 milliliters.The Fluids that you do not use can be drank or poured out. Hope that helps out.

  2. Though there is spillage, I assure you this was not the reason why this trick was posted :) This is possible and will be something you can impress people with.*-Magic-*

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