How It All Began…

The first time you ever experience magic will be something that you will never forget. As a child, I had no interest in magic whatsoever. I was more concerned about the next G.I. JOE toy and things like that. Magic to me was something that you saw on television and that’s it. Much like something you would find on P.B.S. and that would be it. Magic was nothing like how it is today, with the huge explosions and stunts.

Then one day, I was on the 2 train in Bronx, N.Y. with my mother. I was 5 years old at the time and making his way through into our train car was this this man with a tuxedo, a huge suitcase, and a top-hat. Weird right? I digress, He unfolded his suitcase to reveal some sort of performing table and pulled out cups and balls, wands, hanky’s, you name it he had it.

I did not know what was going on. As you know, New York train stations are infamous for their “Independent Merchants”. As I stared wondering what is going to happen, he took the magic wand and with a wave of his hands turned it into a bouquet of roses and gave it to my mother. I was like “WHOA!” He then did an array of magic that I cannot really remember but, there was one piece that touched my life forever.

The Magician held and empty box and covered it up. He approached me and handed me a magic wand and asked if I would like to help him. I replied “YES”.  He then asked me to wave the wand over the empty box and repeat the words “ABRACADABRA” which I did. He asked me to stop and then opened the once empty box which now housed a real live rabbit!

Now, this is on a moving train and this guy just performed a spectacular show. You would think that would be the defining moment of my life when I decided to get into magic right? Almost. It was when he took a bow and started walking the train with his hat out for some well deserved tips.

My mother had handed me a five dollar bill and told me to give it to the man. As he approached me I said “Here! Thank you, that was really cool.” He then smiled and put the money back in my hand and asked “Do you like Magic?” at which I replied “Now I do.” He then said ” I look into your eyes and I see someone who will change the face of magic as we know it. Your going to be better than me one day and I want you to promise that your going to take this five dollar bill and go buy your first magic set.” And that is how it all began.

I would like to hear some stories you have about your experience with magic.

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