David Blaine V.S. Criss Angel:

A long time battle I have had with myself is, Who is the better magician? David Blaine or Criss Angel? Both are magnificent in their own respects. David, the more Street platformed and Criss who has brought his knowledge of stage magic to the street. Criss Angel is definitely the more flashy of the two while David Blaine remains the mysterious stranger.

If you watch them both, you will notice that there are significant differences in the audience participation and reactions that they give. David’s audience members seem to have a truly unique experience and show that in their facial expressions while Criss Angels audience to me, seems to be in on it the whole time.

Now don’t get me wrong, I respect both magicians with everything in my being but I do believe David to be the more advanced of the two. David is more hands on and close, while Criss needs to have more in place in order to perform his feats. I enjoy seeing how creative Criss Angel can get but do wishes his staff would see how they are really making him look on television and make the necessary corrections in the productions to fix his image.

There are YouTube videos that are solely put out to debunk Criss Angels performances. I have watched many of these videos and yes I do feel it is wrong to exploit a magicians hard work, but I can’t help to think that it should not be so easy to debunk magic. Especially when it is through the use of computer

technology. I would like to see David Blaine put out more television specials as Criss seems to be blowing him away with his air time and I would like to see Criss get a change in his production staff.

What do you think?

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