Card Prediction:

To accomplish this trick you must first need a small set-up.
The Pre-Arrangement :
Remove all tens and picture cards from the deck
The Method:
1. You ask a spectator to shuffle the cards.
2. You then take a stack of cards and fan them for your spectator
3. Ask them to pick a card from the fan, remember it and place it back in the deck
4. You then ask the spectator to multiply the value of the card they picked by 2 and then after adding 5, to
multiply that number by 5. The spectator is then asked to remember the total they arrive at.
5. Next, you let the helper select another card in the deck and add that value to add to the total that they had
arrived at earlier.
6. Now, ask them to tell you the total.
How to get to their selections:
When you hear their total, subtract 25 ….. The two digits you get will be the two cards they chose.
Ex. if their total is 42 then their two selected cards would have been a 4 and a 2.
Please comment the reactions you get to this post! Thank you and i hope you have fun with this one.

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