Card Bender

You Bend a card with the power of your mind
Materials Needed:
Playing Card
You explain to your audience, that you are about to use Telekinesis to magically bend a playing card without touching it. This trick is pretty visual and will astound everyone. The secret is, the top of your hand has to be wet. This can be accomplished a number of ways. You may want to pretend to wipe your nose before placing the card on the top side of your hand. When doing so, you can lick your hand. Anyway you decide to do it is fine.
After you have done this, place the card on the top side of your hand. The moisture from your hand will cause the card to slowly bend! If done in a humid temperature, the trick works great. Also, the warmth of your hand has an affect on the bending.
Remember, you are doing this with the “Power of your Mind” so ham it up a little. Try it out for yourself and perfect this great impromptu masterpiece.

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