Adam Sandler ‘Ridiculous Six’ Producer Tells “Overly Sensitive” Native American Actors to Leave

Video has emerged of a producers on the set of Adam Sandler’s new movie – ‘Ridiculous Six,’ telling Native American actors who had a problem with the script to simply leave the .

Exclusive video shot by Goldie Tom and obtained by Indian Country Today shows Native American actors voicing their concern with the new Adam Sandler movie. During the discussion an unidentified producers tells the actors, “Here’s the thing, If you are overly sensitive about it… then you should probably leave.”


Other comments from the producer and crewmembers include “We have a lot to lose, Adam Sandler is playing a person that loves you guys, he’s the Hero” and that they would not change the Native character’s name Beaver’s Breath. Approximately a dozen Native actors then proceeded to walk off the set of the Adam Sandler film in protest.

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