Teens Fight Cop At Starbucks (Video)

Disorder in Starbucks

WESALCO, TEXAS., — Two kids hiding from a police officer inside of a Starbucks are found and all hell breaks loose. First of all, these little hood rats stick out like a sore thumb inside of a Starbucks. The XXXL t-shirts and ripped t-shirts are a dead giveaway and scream “Hey, I don’t belong here.”

Somehow the husky kid in the torn blue T-Shirt – Damien, gets involved as her may know the other two individuals or even be a family member. When the officer tells him he is being detained as well, Damien sits down in defiance but is quickly met with the officers baton.

When the kid resists, a man identified by the uploader as – Christian Pastor comes in to help but the other two kids immediately start beating on him. The man filming seems to get the two guys to stop but soon all 3 are arrested.

Two guys walk into Starbucks in Wesalco on 4/26/13 and apparently looked to be hiding from the officer but two or three minutes later officer finds them and the two guys resist to cooperate with officer and a guy in the back with blue shirt (it looked like he knew the two guys as their friends or relatives) jumps in to help the two guys. Pastor jumps in to help the officer when the three men go against the officer…

Watch this disorder at Starbucks.

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