VIDEO: Steve Stephens at Gun Range

The Latest Steve Stephens Update:

Police are still searching for “Facebook Killer Steve Stephens aka “Stevie Steve” as a nationwide manhunt and reward were just announced. It was reported that a reward of up to $50,000 is being offered for the arrest of Steve Stephens.

New video obtained shows Steve Stephens at the Sherwin Shooting Sports gun range in Willoughby this past year using a variety of guns for target practice. The gun range owner says Stevens was warned for breaking rules by practicing “rapid fire.” Police say the 37-year-old Stephens had a permit to carry a concealed weapon.

Facebook released a statement saying that it was launching a review for reporting harmful content following the killing. The company says it disabled Stephen’s account within 23 minutes of receiving the first report about the video of the fatal shooting and two hours after receiving any report. Facebook says, “we know we need to do better.”

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