Psycho Old Man Smashes Windows Out With Baton

Grande Prairie Alberta, — Intense video captured showing a man smash the windows of a car with a baton when confronted supposedly about owing money.

“The owners of ‘Vision Homes’ are scum.” This according to VerbalPoetz, who uploaded the video “Psycho Old Man Smashes Windows Out With Baton” to Youtube. According to the uploader, one of the men owed money to his company so he went to the job site to confront them about it. “The short little guy (Tyler) by the white truck owes money to a company I work for. Tyler Psycho unstable man gets mad at someone parked on a public road in calls this old geezer “Dennis Tissington” to be his muscle. He rolls up in the truck, gets out with the baton and come at me with it.” “The home was the job site, i never dealt with vision homes, we dealt with Tyler Stojan personally. again his home was the job site, so that is where i went.” “Payment was made with taxes included, a receipt was provided with a description of what that money was for. NOT JUST A CASH DEAL.”


  1. Tyler ripped me off too ….driveway issues before a year and wouldn’t that do anything proper ……never deal or buy from Vision Homes again

  2. Wow! This doesn’t suprise me at all. Our 1st home purchase was a vision home. And we will never buy from them again! Paid extra for flooring throughout the home that turned out was discontinued and had no warranty on the finish. It was complete crap. They wouldn’t do anything about it. The list continues to go on on but its not worth my breath!! I would NEVER recommend them to anyone! EVER.

  3. How does this psycho maintain a business? I hope he loses business over this. According to what he says on video he knows police won’t do anything. Doesn’t say much for your police force there.

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