Police Bodycam Video Shows Rescue Of Kidnapped Woman

Newly released video shows the dramatic moments leading up to the rescue of a woman who was kidnapped from Las Vegas.

In January, Jane Priebe was found inside a vehicle apparently bound, gagged and abducted from her apartment by her ex-boyfriend and a female accomplice. When Priebe was found, she had chains around her neck, and was in handcuffs. She was also tied to a wheel well inside the white van where she was held captive.

Priebe was taken to New Mexico, where she was found by authorities, and her kidnappers were captured by police.

On the video, when officers arrived to rescue Priebe you hear, “Oh, my God, thank you.”
Officers: “Ok, we’re gonna get you out of here ok?”

Officer: “Where’s the key? Where’s the key at? To the chains?
Jack Morgan, suspect: “Umm… in the ignition.”

He dragged me out of the place, and I fought so f***ing hard cause I was like ‘this is how you die,” Priebe said. “I think a neighbor saw me getting dragged out and he choked me out like six times because I was fighting so hard.”

Officer: “Did you lose consciousness when he was choking you?”
Priebe: “Yes, he choked me OUT like six times!”

While Priebe was speaking with officers, Morgan and Brown were cuffed and sent to separate police vehicles. According to authorities, they both had very different reactions to their arrests.

According to the arrest report, Morgan’s plan was to take Priebe to a cave in New Mexico and brainwash her into marrying him. Morgan has been charged with kidnapping and false imprisonment.

Brown was charged with conspiracy to commit a kidnapping and false imprisonment. Both are set to appear again in court in early August.

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