Olympia Bus Driver Brutally Attacked By Passenger (Video)

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Shocking surveillance video aboard an Intercity Transit bus shows a brutal attack on a bus driver when an unruly passenger refuses to leave after being warned.

The unidentified passenger was reported to have been swearing and harassing passengers when the bus driver decided to warn the man about his language. “I told you once. I’m not gonna tell you again,” the driver said warning him to tone down his language or else he would be thrown off the bus.

When the passenger did not comply, the driver pulled the bus over and went to the back of the bus to attempt to get the man to leave.
“If you hit me in the face, we will fight to the death,” the man said to the driver.

Push came to shove and the two began to fight. The passenger is seeing brutally attacking the driver, hitting him more than two dozen times. One passenger tried to stop the fight but was unsuccessful. The man eventually left and passengers called 911.

The driver went to the hospital where he was said to have suffered several cuts and bruises as well as a fractured nose. The attacker was arrested on charges of third degree assault.

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