Memorial Day Weekend Brawl in Jacksonville Beach, FL (Video)

Brawl in Jacksonville Beach, FL Memorial Day weekend

A woman caught a Memorial Day Weekend brawl take place in Jacksonville Beach, Florida and in it, you can see one man who was knocked out get his head stomped on.

The man who was attacked is said to be Anthony Jones. Anthony was attacked by gang members on a crowded SeaWalk Pavilion plaza. The problem, no one in that crowd was an officer.

Witnesses as well as Antony’s mother – Stephanie West say that their 911 calls to the Jacksonville Beach police department went unanswered as they waited over 30 minutes for police before taking the victim to the hospital themselves.

Police Chief Patrick Dooley said they did receive Stephanie’s initial as well as another about an injured man but when they arrived at the locations, no one was there.

No arrests have yet been made.

Watch this coward as he jumps on the back of some guy’s head who is already knocked out.

Thanks To mileah talbott For The Video
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