Drunk Lyft Passenger Spits on and Assaults Driver

Video captures the shocking moment a drunk Lyft passenger spit on an attacked her driver in St. Petersburg, Florida. Stephanie Young, 28, booked a trip with Lyft about 8pm on April 29 in St Petersburg, with driver, Michelle Jennings.

Jennings told WFTS Young was crying when she was helped into the car by her friends, but did not talk. It wasn’t long until the 28-year-old Young who was coughing and wiping her nose into a head rest cover, began shouting at Jennings. Young, who was heavily slurring her words in the video, was also filmed reaching into the front seat to strike the driver.

“you’re kicking me out just because I don’t have the same skin color as you, b***h.” Young shouted.

Jennings asked a security guard to help and call the police, Young then spat at the driver and began swinging wildly at her.

Jennings dropped her camera and was forced to get out of the car. When she posted footage of the incident online, she included photographs of the damage done to her. She had a broken, bloody nail, and two large chunks of hair missing.

Lyft announced the 28-year-old was banned from using the ride-sharing app, and said in a statement: ‘Any kind of violence on the platform is a betrayal of the Lyft values and policies.’

Statement from Lyft Driver Michelle Jennings:

“Lyft rider attacks driver St. Petersburg, Fl.
After she uses my seat cover as a tissue she yells at me and then she leaned in..I knew something was coming. She spits pulls hair and throws bows. But she wasn’t expecting me to return fire..not even losing a handful of hair could keep me from protecting myself. Yes, I had goose bumps, I was not really scared more seeing red and trying to keep my wits. I could have done more damage, just like she could have. Thankfully I am alive and relatively unscathed…but who knew how sore I’d be today. Hopefully she feels me just the same ?

Updates as available
4/30/17 police have a name and are attempting contact.”

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