Jimmy John’s Robbery Suspect Arrested

KANSAS CITY, Mo. – Video of Tuker Murray, the #unfazed Jimmy John’s employee went viral after he had a gun put to his head as he was being robbed. The suspect has been identified as Terry k. Rayford, 54, of Kansas City.

The incident occurred at the Jimmy John’s at 3900 Broadway Blvd. Wednesday evening, according to the Kansas City Police Department.

Tuker Murray, 24, has been working at the Jimmy John’s at 39th and Broadway for four years. He’s the assistant general manager and he’s never been robbed until Wednesday night. “I never really felt threatened,” Murray said. “I’ve been saying that all day and it feels like something stupid to say when there’s a gun pointed at your head, but I never really got the feeling that he was actually going to do anything.”

The surveillance video shows Rayford dressed in a light blue hooded sweatshirt placing an order, and then pointing a gun at the cashier demanding money from the register.

Police arrested the 54-year-old Terry Rayford, who was charged today in federal court with being a felon in possession of a firearm. Police pulled him over last night near an intersection in Independence after a retired KC police commander saw him drive by and recognized him from news coverage.

Court documents say police stopped him as a suspect in the robbery and found two guns in his car. Rayford told them he stole the guns from his crack dealer, who he owed money to, so that he could do a robbery and settle the debt.

He was on parole for a 2008 robbery and told police he was considering violating parole so he could go back to prison, because following the conditions of his parole was hard.

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