BREAKING: Former Subway Spokesman Jared Fogle Pleads GUILTY, Gets Over 15-Years in Prison

The perverted Former Subway spokesperson, Jared Fogle plead guilty to child pornography and sex crime charges and receives over 15-years in prison.

Jared Fogle agreed not to seek a sentence of less than five years in prison and prosecutors agreed to recommend a sentence of no more than 12 years behind bars. However, federal judges could disregard the prosecution’s recommendation and sentence Fogle to up to 50 years in prison on the two counts.

Fogle agreed in August to plead guilty to one count each of travelling to engage in illicit sexual conduct with a minor and distribution and receipt of child pornography. The charges came after a July raid on Fogle’s suburban Indianapolis home and the resulting criminal case destroyed his career with the sandwich restaurant chain.

Before entering his guilty plea during Thursday’s hearing, U.S. District Judge Tanya Walton Pratt asked Fogle whether he understood the punishment he could face and he answered, “Yes, your honor. I do.”

Fogle the 38-year-old father of two, admitted paying for sex with minors and receiving child pornography produced by Russell Taylor, the former executive director of The Jared Foundation, a nonprofit Fogle started to raise awareness and money to fight childhood obesity.

Fogle’s 14 victims received a total of $1.4 million, with each getting $100,000. Fogle’s attorneys said he “is profoundly sorry for what he has done.” and that Fogle suffers from “hypersexuality and alcohol abuse/dependence” and is committed to receiving treatment for his medical conditions.

Here’s to hoping this dirt-bag gets raped in prison!

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