Gay McDonald’s Customer Arrested After Assaulting Employee

Gay McDonalds Customer Arrested After Assaulting Employee

ST. PETERSBURG, Florida — The Gay man who was captured on video assaulting a female McDonald’s employee has been arrested.

Brenda Biandudi who uploaded the video said, the fight started when the customer asked for a straw.

Under the new law which took effect January 1 in St. Petersburg, restaurants are not permitted to have straws out. Instead, customers must request the straw. In 2020, plastic straws will no longer be allowed in restaurants at all and businesses will have to find an alternative.

The video which has already been viewed more than 3 million times, shows Daniel Taylor grabbing Yasmine James’ shirt. James responding by hitting him several times. Taylor is charged with two counts of simple battery for grabbing James and for kicking another worker in the stomach as he was being escorted out.

The outpouring of support for Yasmine James has led to a GoFundMe page to assist with medical bills.

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